Data-driven observability: A modern approach to developing better software
With the increased reliance on digital experiences already a thing pre-pandemic, but even further accelerated as a result of the pandemic-think online grocery shopping, students and workers alike on video conference calls, virtual doctor meetings, and online entertainment to name a few-we see more and more of our customers looking to New Relic and observability to ensure best-in-class digital experiences for their customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.
Audio Quick Take: KPMG's Emily Frolick on The Trusted Imperative - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM KPMG
Building trust enhances enterprise value and secures stakeholders' confidence. It also fosters growth and innovation, improves performance, and helps you manage change.
Crystal Valley Farm Coop Hit with Ransomware
It's the second agricultural business to be seized this week and portends a bitter harvest with yet another nasty jab at critical infrastructure.
Nurses are leaving the profession, and it may be difficult to replace them
But the global pandemic has only worsened problems that have long existed within the nursing profession - in particular, widespread stress and burnout, health and safety issues, depression and work-related post-traumatic stress disorder, and even increased risk of suicide.
Facebook tries to burnish its image by distancing Zuckerberg, upping marketing spending and restricting researchers - Silicon Valley Business Journal
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief executive, signed off last month on a new initiative code-named Project Amplify.
Storage for unstructured big data should be part of a company's strategy
For many IT organizations, data storage is an afterthought and not a strategic concern. However, when it comes to big data management, storage should occupy center stage.
Annals of Emperors and Empresses of San Francisco: Marlena
Perhaps best known for her bar in Haes Valley, which ran for 23 years, Marlena came to San Francisco from Modesto over 30 years ago.
FTC resurrects a decade-old rule as a guardrail on the health app explosion
Health apps have to tell their users about any data breaches or risk a hefty fine, the Federal Trade Commission clarified in a policy statement last week.
Ransomware now accounts for 69% of all attacks that use malware
The most common targets of ransomware in the second quarter of 2021 were governmental, medical and industrial companies along with scientific and educational institutions, says Positive Technologies.