Conservatives take aim at cancel culture and 'woke aggression'
The Tory party conference has opened with a battle cry against "woke aggression", with cabinet ministers decrying "cancel culture" and expected to rail against leftwing bias at the BBC.
Angela Rayner's Tory critics should stay off 'moral high horse', John Bercow says
People condemning Angela Rayner for her comments about Tories should stay off their "moral high horse", John Bercow has said.
Germany: Will Olaf Scholz become the Opposition Leader in Spite of his Election Win?
Berlin, September 27th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) - After yesterday's election, it did not take long until the loser became the winner.
Navalny to the Russian Opposition: 'Be Discouraged, a Little Bit'
Emblematic of the beleaguered state of the opposition, a forlorn group of volunteers maintains a 24-hour vigil at the spot where a prominent democracy advocate was killed in 2015.
Ontario NDP apologizes for ad that mistook Tory legislators for each other | CBC News
Ontario's New Democrats have apologized for a social media advertisement that mistook one Progressive Conservative legislator for another.
German candidates clash over tax, minimum wage in close race
FRANKFURT, Germany - The three candidates bidding to succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor clashed over taxes and pocketbook issues in a third televised debate Sunday a week before the election.
Ruling United Russia party offers payouts to ensure poll victory
The Russian government has silenced opposition voices, approved cash payouts to potential voters, and made it nearly impossible to monitor the polls as it prepares for parliamentary elections next month that the opposition has warned will be marred by fraud.
Attention turns to arriving refugees after Germany ends Afghanistan airlift
Debate in Germany turned towards the politically fraught issue of what approach to take with refugees as the last German military aircraft carrying civilians from Afghanistan landed in Tashkent on Thursday.
California recall system must be reformed. It's bad for taxpayers and, some say, democracy
Readers are emailing that they plan to write in Gov. Gavin Newsom's name as the "replacement" governor if he's recalled.
You might as well write in the Golden Gate Bridge.
Danish lawmaker given suspended sentence for EU funds fraud
A right-wing Danish lawmaker, considered a rising star within the anti-immigration Danish People's Party, was found guilty Friday of misusing European Union funds worth 98,835 kroner ($15,667) and falsifying documents.