Cisco SD-WAN Security Bug Allows Root Code Execution
The high-severity bug, tracked as CVE-2021-1529, is an OS command-injection flaw.
Learn Golang encryption and decryption - LogRocket Blog
Given that security is not always 100% guaranteed, there is always a need to protect your information, especially online data.
"Dark Mode" vs "Inverted"
One thing we run into a fair amount in our design system work is the need to clarify the difference between "dark mode" and "components rendered on a dark background".
Running Strapi in production with AWS - LogRocket Blog
Strapi is one of the most popular open-source headless CMSes with more than 39k Github stars.
Amazon's Android apps come to the latest Windows 11 beta
Windows 11 shipped without the promised support for Android apps from the Amazon App Store, but Microsoft has announced the first preview of the feature for Windows Insiders in the Windows 11 Beta channel today.
Microsoft unveils Android apps for Windows 11
Microsoft has further teased the arrival of the Windows Subsystem for Android by detailing how the platform will work via a newly published document for Windows Insiders.
It's time for the Pixel Watch
Google's Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the company's most interesting devices in years.
Vast boosts QLC flash offer with ransomware-proof snapshots
QLC flash storage specialist Vast Data has updated its operating system to include ransomware protection via immutable snapshots, cloud-based management functionality and data analytics for capacity planning.