What's So Hard About Crediting Book Translators?
It's strange that the literature of a language that rubs up against so many others should be as wary of translation as English is.
Who are the Reclaim Party and what do they stand for?
A Conservative councillor for North Shropshire who was only elected in May has defected to former actor Laurence Fox's right-wing Reclaim Party, an embarrassment for the Tories ahead of a key by-election in the county.
At least 30 Raven Software employees plan walkout, protesting Activision Blizzard layoffs
At least 30 workers at Raven Software, an Activision Blizzard-owned studio, are planning to stop work Monday in protest of their parent company laying off 12 of the studio's quality assurance testers on Friday.
MLBPA Negotiator Bruce Meyer: 'Radical' Proposals Coming From MLB In CBA Negotiations
The 2017-21 collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and the Players Association expired late Wednesday night, prompting team owners to impose a lockout that took effect immediately.
Jacob Rees-Mogg is using his pious image to con us | David Mitchell
acob Rees-Mogg's mask keeps slipping. I don't mean the literal mask he uncharacteristically wore at prime minister's questions last week. I mean the metaphorical one behind it.
We're all so exhausted we need another word to describe quite how exhausted we feel | Brigid Delaney
Hey, how are you?
You're tired?
Oh, you've never been this tired in all your life kind of tired? You dream of sleeping for 10 years tired? Every part of you is tired, even your hair?
Yeah, same.
Scottish charities sign letter to PM calling for humanitarian visas for migrants
A group of Scottish charities have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary calling for humanitarian visas and safe routes to sanctuary, as the Nationality and Borders Bill enters its final Commons stage.
Analysis | Scandals Aside, It's Time For the Big Money to Really Show Up
As a bastion of Japan Inc. tries to break itself up, hedge funds and private equity firms have their work cut out. That is, if they want the most out of this drama.
Plaschke: Mater Dei must make changes after video exposes football program culture of hazing
Plastered across one wall of the Mater Dei High School football locker room are the words, "Pride Poise Courage."
What is happening underneath that sign is shameful, brutal, and cowardly.
130 Social Justice Groups Are Calling on WTO to Adopt Patent Waiver
A group of over 130 national and international civil society organizations is demanding the World Trade Organization postpone its upcoming ministerial meeting unless it first agrees to adopt a patent waiver for Covid-19 vaccines seen by social justice campaigners as crucial to ending "vaccine apartheid."