Better JIT Support for Auto-Generated Python Code
Performance Cliffs
The Review's Review: These Were the Angels - The Paris Review
Liby Hays's , a graphic novel out this summer from the art book publisher Landfill Editions, takes place at a hackathon-truly inspired material for slapstick comedy, body horror, and philosophical reflection alike.
Mushroom dataset analysis and classification in python
Mushroom classification is a beginner machine learning problem and the objective is to correctly classify if the mushroom is edible or poisonous by its specifications like cap shape, cap color, gill color, etc. using different classifiers.
Planet X: a new member of the Solar System club?
Paraphrasing Rutger Hauer's soliloquy at the end of Ridley Scott's 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner, we can say, and it would be true, that we have seen things you wouldn't believe: bodies of ice beyond Neptune's orbit, dwarf planets, objects that move with elongated orbits, orbital planets that display the same angle of inclination, perihelia that extend beyond the gravitational influence of Neptune... but all of this information will not be lost in time, like tears in rain.
Movies 2021: Cherry Jones on Her Role in "The Eyes of Tammy Faye"
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Astronomers find the molecules behind the "origins of life" in young star systems
Astronomers have found the seeds of life circling around young stars, potentially increasing the chances of life found throughout the universe.
How To Calculate roc_auc_score for Regression Models
[Figure by Author] You work as a data scientist for an auction company, and your boss asks you to build a model to predict the hammer price (i.e. the final selling price) of the items on sale.
Elizabeth Holmes trial: Blood analyzers' failure rates threatened patients, court hears
More than a quarter of Theranos' blood analyzers were failing quality control after it started offering blood tests, threatening patients' health, and company founder Elizabeth Holmes was told about problems with the technology, the court heard in Holmes' criminal fraud trial Wednesday.