More people in path of lava from La Palma volcano forced to flee
Five hundred more people have been forced to flee their homes on the Canary island of La Palma as the ongoing volcanic eruption pushed streams of lava towards inhabited coastal areas and raised fears over the formation of clouds of toxic gas.
Letters blaming Satan for Covid sent to Birmingham homes
A number of letters blaming natural disasters and the coronavirus pandemic on Satan have been delivered to homes in Sutton Coldfield, just outside of Birmingham. 1
This has led to many people wondering if there is a God why does he allow so much suffering? 1
She continues: "That wicked one is Satan, an invisible spirit who rebelled against God. 1
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Blocked into her East York driveway dozens of times, woman says she's tired of city inaction | CBC News
An East York woman says her driveway is often blocked in by parked cars because of a misleading no parking sign - which the city has been slow to fix.
'A ridiculous amount of gunfire': 1 dead, 2 injured after triple shooting in Regent Park | CBC News
One man in his 20s is dead, and two other men in their 20s injured, following a triple shooting in Regent Park on Saturday night.
Huguenots, Jews, Bengalis ... now developers size up London's Brick Lane
or more than 300 years, it was the industrial heart of Brick Lane in east London, a vast rat-ridden edifice in which thousands of workers brewed beer.
Nadine Dorries should write what she likes. And I'll read what I like | Alex Clark
n the latest tedious round of the culture war, I did not expect to be taking a position on the books of the new culture secretary, Nadine Dorries, whose defenders point to her being a prolific novelist as evidence of a sincere interest in the arts.
Pokemon manhole covers are here to brighten your day
(Image credit: @aggxretsuko via Instagram)
Hunting Pokemon has just got even more fun in Japan, where Pokémon-themed manhole covers are popping up all over the country.
'It helped me get away from crime': Cape Town's College of Magic - a photo essay
o fans of JK Rowling's books, the story may sound somewhat familiar: a young boy living in difficult circumstances is enrolled in a mysterious school far from home, where his life is changed for ever by the transformative power of magic.