Valentino Gareri Atelier designs eco-village made from 3D-printed cacao waste
Valentino Gareri Atelier has unveiled renderings of the Cacao Eco Village in Ecuador for local farmers that will feature 3D-printed buildings made from recycled cacao.
Carer suffocated suspected burglar during citizen's arrest, court hears
A carer suffocated a suspected burglar after kneeling on his back for nine minutes while performing a citizen's arrest, despite the victim telling him he could not breathe, a court has heard.
'Dark kitchens' serving food delivery apps are everywhere - but what goes on inside? | Zoe Williams
n my neighbourhood, there's a "dark kitchen" - a warehouse run by a major takeaway platform, housing cooks for eight or nine restaurants. I probably wouldn't have noticed it, were it not for the dog.
New data sheds light on how disproportionately Toronto's Black community is impacted by homicides | CBC News
Predominantly Black neighbourhoods in Toronto are disproportionately impacted by homicides but have the least amount of support services for survivors, according to new research from the University of Toronto.
Russian invasion of Ukraine 'inevitable and imminent'
A Russian invasion of Ukraine is "inevitable and imminent", Commons Defence Committee chairman Tobias Ellwood has said.
How weekly bike rides with a group of supportive women showed me a route to joy
always thought that joyriding meant nicking cars and taking them for a spin, often when drunk. It was what some of the wayward lads did on the Chingford Hall council estate where I grew up.
UK defence minister warns of 'consequences' if Russia invades Ukraine
An incursion by Russia into Ukraine would violate the "most basic freedoms and sovereignty", the defence secretary has said following a visit to Scandinavia.
Five-day police standoff with man in Coventry house ends
A siege involving a man who barricaded himself and his young son in a house has ended after five days.
CO Adaptive Architecture converts Gowanus foundry into flexible theatre spaces
Brooklyn studio CO Adaptive Architecture has renovated an industrial building in the New York borough's Gowanus neighbourhood to create bright and spacious theatre rehearsal spaces.
Heatherwick Studio updates vision for 1700 Alberni towers in Vancouver
British designer Thomas Heatherwick's studio has updated its design for a pair of residential skyscrapers in Vancouver, Canada, which will feature curved green balconies and a terraced podium.