Kamala Harris announces wildfire money in California visit
With large, damaging wildfires becoming more common due to the effects of climate change, the federal government is redoubling its efforts to mitigate them.
How "Who Killed Fourth Ward?" Challenged the Nature of Documentary Filmmaking
One of the great modern documentaries is hiding in plain sight. "Who Killed Fourth Ward? ," directed by James Blue, from 1978, is available on YouTube, on a channel devoted to his work.
Covid-19 Tracker: Slogging downhill
Good morning, Mission, and welcome to Virus Village, your (somewhat regular) Covid-19 data dump.
Car-Free Cities Startup Culdesac Raises $30M Series A
Culdesac, a startup with the lofty ambition of building America's first car-free city, hauled in $30 million in Series A funding.
Queens man busted for ruinous school bus joyride through Brooklyn * Brooklyn Paper
Prosecutors indicted a Queens man Monday on charges of stealing a school bus last month and taking it for a ruinous joyride across Kings County, causing injuries to numerous people and heavy-duty property damage.
Canada, US and allies talk aid for Haiti at virtual meeting
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said immediate action is needed to fix the security situation in Haiti and that additional aid is a central topic of a virtual meeting Friday that includes cabinet officials from Canada the United States, France and other countries.
Crows took over a Silicon Valley city. Officials hope green lasers will get them to leave.
When Sunnyvale, Calif., Mayor Larry Klein goes out for his morning jog downtown, he is transported into a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 film "The Birds," in which flocks take over a coastal California town, perch and glare at residents, and go on the attack.
Some see conflict of interest in sale of shuttered San Jose school
Residents are uniting to fight Oak Grove School District's selling of Glider Elementary School to a housing developer-and some say there's a conflict of interest involving the district's consultant.
This 'Plastic Man' Has a Cape and a Superhero's Mission: Cleaning Up Senegal
The Saturday Profile
Dressed head to toe in plastic, Modou Fall is a familiar sight in Dakar.
Mayor announces $50m for improvements to JP affordable housing
With the Mildred C. Hailey apartments and a crowd of supporters behind her, Mayor Michelle Wu announced a $50 million investment into improving the units and signed an executive order reaffirming the city's commitment to fair housing and racial equity.