These roads will be closed ahead of the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City | amNewYork
With the Thanksgiving Day Parade returning this year, New Yorkers can expect road closures as the balloons get blown up on Wednesday and during the parade itself on Thursday.
Peter Buck, Co-Founder of the Subway Sandwich Chain, Dies at 90
The $1,000 loan he gave to a friend's son was used to start a single sandwich shop. That shop grew into the world's biggest fast-food chain.
Opinion | There's a Cure for the Anxiety of Email: It Starts With a Pen
Ms. Renkl is a contributing Opinion writer who covers flora, fauna, politics and culture in the American South.
Beaver Dams Mean No Love Lost for Canada's Emblematic Animal
Blamed for flooded fields, damaged roads and the occasional death, the beaver, which has played a seminal role in Canadian history, is now viewed by many as a problem, not a point of national pride.
Opinion | The Many Deaths of William Holden Taught Me How to Be Anxious
Mr. Aciman is a screenwriter and journalist in New York.
N.Y.'s governor promises grants for employers and laid-off workers in the ailing tourism industry.
New York's governor, Kathy Hochul, proposed a $450 million package of state spending on Monday to help the state's struggling tourism industry, including one-time grants to laid-off workers and their employers.
These Oddly Named Worms May Have Been the First Hermits
So-called "penis worms" get attention for all the wrong reasons. But new research finds they may have been early pioneers in a creative survival technique.
Photos: Award-Winning Wildlife Photography from a New Natural History Museum Exhibit | Washingtonian (DC)
Photos of a monkey with a cellphone, a shadow of an ant on a leaf, and a bird holding a paper clip will be on display.
Largest triceratops ever unearthed sold for 6.6m at Paris auction
An 8-metre-long dinosaur skeleton has sold at auction for €6.6m (about £5.5m), more than four times its expected value, to a private collector in the US said to have fallen in love with the largest triceratops ever unearthed.