Don't be fooled by fake fossils on Mars, biologists warn
Scientists should remain skeptical if they study rock samples drilled by NASA's Perseverance rover for evidence of alien life lest they be fooled by fake fossils, academics in the UK have warned.
Look: NASA's Mars rover just uncovered "something no one has seen"
NASA's Perseverance rover has been on Mars for more than 200 days, and has gotten pretty familiar with the planet's rocks.
NASA Rover Detects Organic Molecules on the Surface of Mars
A team of researchers successfully tested a sample of Martian dirt, first scooped up by NASA's Mars Curiosity rover in March 2017, by directing the rover mix it with chemical reagents inside a cup.
Organic molecules found on Mars for the first time
After spending 1,909 Martian sols on the Red Planet, NASA's Curiosity rover was suffering from a slight malfunction.
What Perseverance has accomplished in 240 days on Mars
In the short time since NASA's Perseverance rover landed in Mars' Jezero Crater on February 18, 2021, it's already made history.
New images from Mars will guide search for evidence of ancient life, says study
Images from Mars reveal how water helped shape the red planet's landscape billions of years ago, and provide clues that will guide the search for evidence of ancient life, according to a new study.
NASA Rover Confirms Gigantic Martian Crater Used To Be a Lake
Ancient Lakes