He Won the Nobel. Why Are His Books So Hard to Find?
After Abdulrazak Gurnah was awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Literature, he instantly gained a wider international audience, something publishers are now scrambling to accommodate.
We Got Newman Here! Unaired 'Seinfeld' Era Sitcom Resurfaces and It's Nuts
We got Newman here! Wayne Knight has had a long and highly successful career in Hollywood but no role will ever define him more than Newman, Jerry's nemesis and postman in .
Sci-Fi Author Frank Herbert Lived in This Potrero Hill House When He Wrote Dune'
For $1.6 million, you can own the house where Frank Herbert wrote the 1965 novel , which has yet another Hollywood remake of it opening today.
How a Master Craftsman Keeps the Tradition of Korean Handmade Bronze Tableware Alive
"We're the first in the world to have this kind of family business for three generations," says 96-year-old Bong Ju Lee, the founder and grandmaster of Napcheong Yugi.
Hate Sony's PS5 design? You'll love this sleek all-black mod
(Image credit: Sony/Dbrand/Lupus/Pixabay/Future)
We know you hate the PlayStation 5's white plates just as much as we do, but what if we told you the white PS5's reign was over?
'EastEnders,' looking like a celebrity, Phoebe Bridgers, and other things that went viral on TikTok this week
While you were sitting around
The audio "That's the difference between me and you. Cuz while you were sitting around waiting doing niche, I was out, making moves" gained popularity this week.
Giants dream season ends at the hands of the Dodgers, 2-1 - The San Francisco Examiner
It was dueling mayors at Game 5 of the NLDS, where San Francisco's London Breed and Los Angeles' Eric Garcetti squared off for the benefit of the cameras and capacity crowd early on.
Review | Disappointing slasher sequel 'Halloween Kills' has nothing new, but maybe that's the point
Overheard from the press seats as the lights went down before a recent screening of "Halloween Kills":
"I have no idea what to expect here. It's just some guy with a mask and a - I don't know.
Death Cab for Cutie announce 20th anniversary deluxe edition of The Photo Album
Attention, millennials of the emo persuasion: Death Cab for Cutie are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their beloved third album, The Photo Album, with a special deluxe edition.
South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 8 - Goodbye, 2021 Season
Well, this isn't the podcast we wanted to record, despite it being the one we knew would come eventually.