Sam Huff, Fearsome Hall of Fame Linebacker, Dies at 87
Huff, who became the epitome of the rough-and-tough football star with the Giants, was remembered for his head-on duels with two of the game's greatest fullbacks.
New York Has a New Band of Buzzy Post-Punk Teens: Geese
The Brooklyn quintet thought the band would end after high school graduation. Now its debut album, "Projector," is arriving.
Wayne Couzens lodges appeal against whole-life sentence
The police officer who murdered Sarah Everard has lodged an appeal to reduce the length of his jail sentence.
Sarah Everard's killer Wayne Couzens appeals against whole-life term
Sarah Everard's murderer is appealing against the whole-life sentence he was given at the Old Bailey last month, it has emerged.
Making Breast Cancer Care More Inclusive
Most guidelines and data on breast cancer have come from studies of white women of European descent.
Women are being injected with date rape drugs in pubs and nightclubs
Women are being targeted in a sinister new crime where they are injected with date rape drugs via needles in pubs and nightclubs.
Privacy fears over 'terribly misguided' and 'flawed' 888 tracking service for women
A new '888' tracking service for women travelling alone has been dismissed as "terribly misguided" and "flawed" by campaigners who fear say freedoms and privacy are being eroded.
Lone police officers in Scotland to offer checks on their own identity
Lone police officers in Scotland will offer a verification check to the public from today (Saturday) to provide reassurance that they are a genuine officer, following widespread concern after the murder of Sarah Everard.
Sarah Everard case: Police failings in full
Wayne Couzens was on Thursday given a whole life order, meaning he will die in jail, after posing as an undercover policeman on a Covid patrol in order to handcuff Ms Everard and force her into his vehicle.
Police investigate 'messages Sarah Everard's killer swapped with colleagues'
A police watchdog is reportedly investigating homophobic, racist and misogynist messages Sarah Everard 's killer is alleged to have exchanged with police colleagues.