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3 months ago

Kalix tutorial: Building invoice application

Kalix introduced by Lightbend simplifies building reactive systems with database, cache, message broker integrations and supports DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing out-of-the-box. [ more ]
3 months ago

Lightbend aims to democratize distributed systems for developers | @lightbend

Lightbend simplifies distributed systems with low latency and scalability.
Lightbend focuses on enabling developers to quickly build systems regardless of their skill set. [ more ]
5 months ago

Lightbend closes FY24 with record growth | @lightbend

Lightbend achieved record growth in the past year, adding over 50 new blue chip customers and experiencing a 50% increase in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). Open source adoption also increased significantly.
Lightbend turned operationally cash flow positive for the first time and released Kalix, the first step towards becoming a cloud company, simplifying the development of low-latency, event-driven applications on a PaaS. [ more ]
3 weeks ago

How to use the Lightbend Config library in a Scala or Java application

Lightbend created the HOCON configuration format for Scala applications, making it easy to read and configure settings from config files. [ more ]
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