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It wasn't pretty, but the Washington Football Team picked up a massive division win over the New York Giants on Thursday night.
Did Washington deserve to win?
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Over 60% of EU citizens stopped at ports by UK post-Brexit are Romanian
More than 60% of EU citizens stopped and questioned at ports by British border officials post-Brexit are from Romania, figures have shown, raising questions from lawyers about possible racial profiling.
Carlo Ratti Associati partners with oil company for Milan design week
Italian architect Carlo Ratti has defended his decision to design an exhibition about climate change sponsored by fossil-fuel giant Eni, saying the Milan design week installation is "not greenwashing".
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While New England Patriots fans are extremely jazzed up over Mac Jones' arrival, it should come as no surprise that prominent New York Jets aren't quite as pleased.
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Friends, I have a confession. I do not have the sunniest personality. I physically own multiple Radiohead albums. I watch action movies and count all the times the protagonist ought to have been killed.
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Umpire in Giants-Dodgers finale was even worse than fans thought
Complaining about umpires is generally a salty, silly endeavor. They're human beings who make mistakes, and those mistakes tend to balance out over the course of a full season.