Scott Morrison roared like a caged beast and lunged for a human shield in the form of Gladys Berejiklian | Katharine Murphy
otwithstanding the wildness of the penultimate sitting week, the circumstances were unusual across the board.
Analysis | U.S. Tech Companies Aren't Monopolies
Few issues have generated more misguided legislation in this Congress than antitrust reform. The latest addition to this regrettable canon shows exactly what's at stake.
Stanley Johnson must be investigated 'like Joe Bloggs' over groping allegations
Stanley Johnson must be investigated over allegations of sexual harassment "like Joe Bloggs" would be, and his response to the claims shows he has no remorse, two prominent Labour women have said.
Filters on laundry machines lead to 'significant' cut in microfibre pollution, Ontario study finds | CBC News
Installing filters on washing machines could be a simple and effective way to catch the microscopic particles our clothes shed, according to a study released this week by the University of Toronto and nonprofit Georgian Bay Forever.
The C.E.O. of Afiniti, an A.I. start-up, steps down after accusations of sexual assault.
The chief executive of Afiniti, an artificial-intelligence software firm, has resigned, the company announced on Thursday, two days after a former employee testified before a congressional committee that the executive had sexually assaulted and beat her.
Why Apple changed its mind on Right to Repair | Engadget
Apple does not have a good track record in terms of letting customers repair their hardware.
Five Things for Thursday, including a Seattle dumpling chain with PDX plans - Portland Business Journal
Good morning. One week to get your Thanksgiving preparations done. Here are Five Things for Thursday.
UK Parliament votes to curb members' 2nd jobs after scandal
Britain's Parliament voted Wednesday to restrict lawmakers' ability to hold second jobs outside politics, in an attempt to stem a slew of damaging headlines over lobbying and political "sleaze."