Beverly Hills police unit is accused of targeting Black shoppers on Rodeo Drive last year
Last month, two attorneys summoned reporters to the steps of Beverly Hills City Hall to make a disturbing accusation.
An Oath Keeper Was at the Capitol Riot. On Tuesday, He's on the Ballot.
Edward Durfee Jr. is a member of the far-right militia and was at the Capitol on Jan. 6. He is running for office in New Jersey anyway.
Sheriff Villanueva must testify to his 'first-hand' knowledge of Kobe Bryant crash photo-sharing
A federal judge on Tuesday ordered Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva to testify under oath in a lawsuit brought by Vanessa Bryant alleging that deputies shared gruesome photos of the crash scene where her husband, daughter and seven others died.
Uefa faces call for governance reform to stem Super League threat
Two organisations at the heart of European football have broken ranks with Uefa, calling for complete reform of governance to prevent the recurring threat of a Super League.
Plan for new UK nuclear financing model moves upfront cost to energy bills
The government plans to resuscitate the UK's nuclear energy ambitions by creating a financing model that could pile the upfront cost of the £20bn Sizewell C power plant on to householders' energy bills before it starts generating electricity.
Bitcoin Becomes World's 13th Biggest Currency - Towleroad Gay News
Bitcoin is now the 13th biggest country in the world after overtaking the Swiss Franc
Police abusing position for sexual gain is 'most common form of corruption'
Police officers abusing their position for sexual gain is now the most common form of serious corruption investigated, a watchdog has said.
Russian group that hacked SolarWinds is still attacking America's computer networks
The Russian hackers behind that successful 2020 breach of US federal agencies compromised as many as 14 technology firms since May as part of another apparent espionage campaign, Microsoft said Monday.
President Erdogan, cabinet discuss expulsion of 10 allied envoys
Turkish president welcomed' statements by Western embassies including the US that they abide by a diplomatic convention not to interfere in a host country's internal affairs.
Failed state? Why Nigeria's fragile democracy is facing an uncertain future
A series of overlapping security, political and economic crises has left Nigeria facing its worst instability since the end of the Biafran war in 1970.