Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE review
Sooner or later, something had to give, and amid a worldwide chipset shortage, sooner or later, we were bound to see an increasing number of re-badged smartphones arriving, with the only change being their new SoC.
Data Analyst AND Data Scientist: Can You Really Be Both?
Example of a Data Analyst / Scientist job posting.
Photo by author.
I recently came across a job offer entitled Data Analyst / Data Scientist.
Home Office facing new legal challenge over continued use of Napier Barracks
The Home Office is facing a legal battle over its plans to use Napier Barracks as asylum accommodation for four years longer than was initially planned.
Annals of Emperors and Empresses of San Francisco: Alexis Miranda
I reached out to Alexis Miranda to learn more about her accomplishments and involvement during her reign.
Fredy Miranda, a first-generation Cuban American, was born and raised in Miami, Florida.
Mathematics Hidden Behind Linear Regression
Hi Everyone, This is about the mathematics that is used in the linear regression (with gradient descent) algorithm.
This was a part of my IB HL Mathematics Exploration.
Linear Regression: What is it?
Thomas Mann on the Artist vs. the State
Thomas Mann was just 26 years old when the publication of his first novel, "Buddenbrooks," placed him in the front rank of German writers.
Diagnosing slow page load times on your website with histograms and heatmaps
Create a new dashboard for custom visualizations
To set up your own histograms and heatmaps based on Core Web Vitals, you need to create a new dashboard with a custom query.
France passes 50 millon mark for Covid vaccinations
Macron made the announcement in a video posted on social media in which he also said that "the vaccine saves lives and the virus kills, it's that simple".
Mental Metal: Tool's nima Turns 25
Dusting 'Em Off is a rotating, free-form feature that revisits a classic album, film, or moment in pop-culture history. This piece celebrates Tool's acclaimed sophomore album Ænima.
AzureFunBytes Episode 55 - Programming for Accessibility with @rorypreddy
AzureFunBytes is a weekly opportunity to learn more about the fundamentals and foundations that make up Azure.