Arive raises $20M for an instant delivery service beyond groceries and essentials
Instant purchase and delivery of food and other essentials was one of the big bubbles of opportunity in the world of e-commerce in the last year, with dozens of startups big and small emerging and scooping up funding to build out businesses to bring items like groceries, toilet paper and Tylenol to people's doors in 30 minutes or less.
Hurricane Watch by Olive Senior review - a champion of inclusion
here can be no excuse for not knowing Olive Senior - who has recently taken over as poet laureate of Jamaica, where she was born (although she has lived in Canada for much of her adult life).
Some Canadian travellers want to know why those entering from the U.S. face less stringent rules | CBC News
Some Canadian travellers required to spend days in isolation waiting for COVID-19 test results after returning home from abroad want to know why Ottawa allows people arriving from the U.S. to skip quarantine.
Studio 338 announces first lineups for 2022 | News | Deep House London
The dust has barely settled on an epic New Year's Eve party but Studio 338 is already back with an irresistible run of parties in the first part of 2022.
Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Why Collaboration Is Key
By: Veronica Haggar on
Mission Creek Park's new sculpture design is down to three choices
Waves, spinal columns, and grizzly bears, oh my!
Mission Creek Park will welcome a new sculpture at the park's entrance, and now it's currently down from 135 submissions to these three.
'This is my life we're talking about,' says Ontario woman whose cancer surgery's been delayed by Omicron | CBC News
Last week, Cassandra Di Maria got an email no cancer patient ever wants to receive.
Benjamin Alexander: the former DJ remixing the spirit of Cool Runnings
he spirit of Cool Runnings is set to be rekindled next month when Benjamin Alexander, a 38-year-old from Northampton, will become the first athlete to represent Jamaica in an alpine skiing event at the Winter Olympics.
Nine Great Women Writers You've Never Heard Of
What are the ingredients of a true modern classic? In his ambitiously expansive new book, Henry Eliot attempts to answer the question.
Russia raises stakes with the West over Ukraine
Russia has sharply raised the stakes in a showdown with the West over Ukraine, with a top diplomat saying he would not exclude a Russian military deployment to Cuba and Venezuela if tensions with the United States mount.