What Will Bruins Lines Look Like This Season? Bruce Cassidy Weighs In
The Bruins will look a tad different when they open their 2021-22 NHL season next month, and there are a lot of questions about what the lines will look like.
Secrets of the Washington Post Peloton Account, Revealed! | Washingtonian (DC)
I spent a lot of 2021 obsessed with one of the nation's weirdest media mysteries: Who, exactly, was behind the Washington Post's Peloton account?
Justin Fields can now officially be rostered in all fantasy football leagues
It took Andy Dalton suffering a knee injury last Sunday to push it, but it's happening. The Chicago Bears will start rookie quarterback Justin Fields on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.
Moto G Pure leak lists 6.5" AMOLED display, 48 MP main camera and aluminum frame
Motorola will reportedly launch a new phone dubbed the Moto G Pure next month.
How the Polaris Prize Pictures the Music | The Walrus
F or many music fans, a great night out starts with a stamp on your hand and ends with a roll of paper under your arm: after the lights come up and the band moves on to a new city, a gig poster is proof that you were in the crowd and a reminder of how you felt being there.
Genetics reveal how humans island-hopped to settle remote Pacific
Easter Island's famous megaliths have relatives on islands thousands of miles to the north and west, and so did the people who created them, a study has found.
A Woman and a Philosopher: An Interview with Amia Srinivasan - The Paris Review
When Amia Srinivasan published her essay "Does Anyone Have the Right to Sex?"
Missing Decisions and the Federal Circuit
Last week the Federal Circuit issued two interesting orders in appeals from the USPTO.
Review | Fascinating and flummoxing, the 'Dear Evan Hansen' movie still strikes a chord
Considering the stage musical " Dear Evan Hansen 's" titular wallflower at one point belts out the mantra, "All that it takes is a little reinvention," it was perhaps inevitable that the creative team behind the Tony Award-winning show wouldn't be satisfied with a by-the-numbers film version.
Under the hood of github-readme-stats project
Recently I came across this "stats picture" in someone's Readme profile on Github, displaying profile information, and it caught my attention.