How Do I Meet Someone Without A Dating App?
A: I am fully, fully in support of people not using dating apps. Let me first make sure I get all the caveats in here: dating apps can be really wonderful.
How to Enable Data-Driven Decisions by Integrating Your Apps
How big is your business's database? From the moment someone becomes interested in your product or service and long after the purchase, you're collecting data - and it can multiply fast.
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Bullying remains prevalent for children in schools and online where they can be inundated with aggressive, exclusionary and threatening messages.
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Stuart Ayres tells Icac inquiry into Gladys Berejiklian he believed $5.5m grant 'had a lot of merit'
The deputy leader of the New South Wales Liberal party Stuart Ayres has told Icac he believed a $5.5m grant for a shooting range and conference centre in Wagga Wagga "had a lot of merit", despite public servants previously telling the inquiry they thought a business case for the project was "deficient".
This sleek hubless bicycle could be the next evolution in the Tesla lineup
A battery-assisted luxe bicycle designed for the urban commuter who demands nothing less than the best in their experience of things they own.
Succession-style drama at Rogers? Telco shakes up governance after heir Edward tries and fails to oust CEO | CBC News
Rogers Communications Inc. is setting up a three-person committee to manage interactions between the company's CEO and the chair of the board after a messy battle behind the scenes for control of the company.
The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes Review - A Respectable Reign Of Mild Terror
The Dark Pictures Anthology's yearly offerings of horror adventure games have been middling at best, and House of Ashes, the third entry in the series, retains the status quo.
Eidos-Montreal Details Guardians Of The Galaxy In-Game Settings And Accessibility Options
Tuesday marks the release of Eidos-Montréal's newest adventure, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, where players take control of Star-Lord and his space-faring crew of misfits.