9 Rules for Creating High-Converting Emails
Whether you're a small entrepreneur or work for a large enterprise, email marketing is probably one of the most important communication tools that you're leveraging at the moment.
Why 'Ada Twist' Is Our Favorite New Netflix Show For Kids
I've always been a sucker for a scientist.
Living legend. Jane Goodall? G.O.A.T. Einstein? Hair Goals.
Adams Applauds Google in Recognizing NYC Black Startup Founders
Frontrunning mayoral candidate and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams continued his pro-business and technology push on Tuesday by helping to celebrate seven NYC-area Black startup founders who were recently awarded $100,000 in non-dilutive cash grants as part of the second Google for Startups Black Founders Fund .
Review | 'Hard Luck Love Song' movie review: You've heard this one before
"Hard Luck Love Song" would have made a great short film. This is meant as a compliment.
Granted, at 104 minutes, the movie is still shorter than a lot of stuff out there.
Review | 'The Rescue' documentary is not just about cave-diving, but the triumph of the human spirit
Boy, have Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi ever found their filmmaking groove.
Medical student jailed for acid attack on ex-girlfriend while disguised in fat suit
A man who disguised himself in a fat suit to carry out an acid attack on his ex-girlfriend has been jailed.
The Current Crop of Harvest Interns Are Also the Future of Wine | Wine Enthusiast
At the end of the day, or during a family-style lunch break, groups of harvest interns open bottles of wine and pass them around.
Jacob Groening Interview
How are you, what has it been like in the part of the world where you are?
Hello, I'm healthy and greatfull with my life right now.
Inspirational Websites Roundup #30 - Codrops
From our sponsor: Try Mailchimp today.
Today I'm very happy to share another websites roundup with you!
Cake was my first love - it sees me through life's highs and lows
The Great British Bake Off is back! Sales of baking utensils skyrocket when the amateur baking show is on. It appears we're all cake mad.