Dr. Rochon returns to Downstate as new kidney transplantation director
SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University recently announced Dr. Caroline Rochon, MDCM, FRCSC, as the new chief of transplantation surgery at the affiliated University Hospital of Brooklyn (UHB), which has the only kidney transplant program in Brooklyn.
The cost of cooling: how air conditioning is heating up the world
he widespread reliance on air conditioning in the US is explored in Eric Dean Wilson's book After Cooling: on Freon, Global Warming, and the Terrible Cost of Comfort.
Ontario nursing groups fear mass exodus from workforce following pandemic burnout | CBC News
No matter how much Denise Jeffery sleeps, she just can't seem to recover.
It's a sign of something she's come to know well over her 19 years as a registered nurse: she's about to hit the wall.
This week the Olympics were accused of "greenwashing"
This week on Dezeen, we reported on the sustainable aims of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which were questioned in a peer-reviewed study.
The gap between Data science and the organization
Source: Unsplash The term Data scientist' was nonexistent when I started my journey in Data analytics space but now t is so called the sexiest job after the decade': probably after space crews in SpaceX and Virgin Galactic!
Olympic Village Plaza built using 40,000 pieces of donated Japanese timber
Tokyo studio Nikken Sekkei has designed a timber communal building at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games' athletes village, which was built using 40,000 pieces of Japanese wood.
'Weak Sauce': New industry tool for opt-out from email-based tracking misses ID tech and key players like Facebook and Liveramp - Digiday
However, while the industry group's new privacy control is intended to stop email-based audience matching - often referred to as onboarding - it does not work for email matching done by some of the biggest purveyors of those services: Facebook and LiveRamp. 1
"Those details still have to be ironed out," said Anthony Matyjaszewski, NAI's vp of compliance, regarding Google's opt-out implementation. 1
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Police spending proves top concern in first budget comment session - Austin Monitor
Friday, July 23, 2021 by Jonathan Lee
Belarus NGOs condemn government crackdown after 'black week' of raids
The government of Belarus has launched a broad crackdown on civil society, launching raids and arrests on dozens of organisations in what has been described as a "black week" for the country's NGOs.