Blast Studio 3D prints column from mycelium to make "architecture that could feed people"
London practice Blast Studio has developed a method for 3D printing with living mycelium and used it to form a column that could be harvested for mushrooms before serving as a structural building element.
Distress signal detected in low-lying Tongan islands after volcano eruption, as first death reported
A distress signal has been detected in an isolated, low-lying group of Tongan islands after Saturday's huge volcanic eruption, even as most external communications remain down, and diaspora families anxiously await news.
Analysis | One Simple Way to Reduce Gun Violence Among Children
Unlike the rise and fall and rise of violent crime, which follows a logic that researchers can find elusive, shootings by children are relatively easy to understand and even predict.
Spain breaks record for new coronavirus cases, reporting 179,125 infections in one day
Spain broke its record for the highest number of coronavirus infections on Wednesday, with 179,125 new cases registered in the daily Health Ministry report on the pandemic.
Half of Spain's ICUs at high risk due to coronavirus spike
The explosion of coronavirus infections that began before the Christmas festive season has brought major pressure back to hospitals in half of Spain.
Germany Registers 80,430 New Coronavirus Infections
Berlin, January 12th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) - A sad record was hit in Germany on Wednesday. Within 24 hours, 80,430 got infected with the Coronavirus.
Hopes Cathedral of the Moorland could save Spanish village with single resident
Not for nothing is the parish church of the Spanish village of Villamorón known as la catedral del páramo - the Cathedral of the Moorland.
Roman town's remains found below Northamptonshire field on HS2 route
A wealthy Roman trading town, whose inhabitants adorned themselves with jewellery and ate from fine pottery, has been discovered half a metre below the surface of a remote field in Northamptonshire.
What would be Russia's military options in Ukraine?
A full invasion of Ukraine, with the aim of pacifying the capital, Kviv, would result in Vladimir Putin starting a war on a scale not seen since Iraq in 2003 - prompting western experts to question whether a lasting Russian victory could be achieved.
Country diary 1947: a moonlit drive to a distant farm
As no time can be found by day, a journey had to be made in the evening to inspect potatoes at a distant farm. The moon was shining as I drove up lanes, guiding myself by a small map.