Facebook stalling report on human rights impact in India, allege whistleblowers
Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen and other prominent whistleblowers have renewed calls for Facebook to release a long-awaited report on its impact in India, alleging the company is purposely obscuring human rights concerns.
My Journey of Learning Computer Graphics for Becoming a Better VR/AR UX Engineer.
Last year, I decided to start an article series to share my journey of learning Computer Graphics(CG). I have shared some thoughts on why you should learn CG as a VRAR Practitioner.
Black & Brown Podcast Collective will Release "The Report Card"
Black & Brown Podcast Collective, the emerging media, and technology platform supporting and creating opportunities for podcasters and content creators of color will release its newest initiative "The Report Card."
Red Cross implores hackers not to leak data for 515k "highly vulnerable people"
The Red Cross on Wednesday pleaded with the threat actors behind a cyberattack that stole the personal data of about 515,000 people who used a program that works to reunite family members separated by conflict, disaster or migration.
Watch this contact tracer's heartfelt reaction to winning a Tesla
Kendy Valbrun, who works as a contact tracer in Massachusetts, won a Tesla in a company giveaway last week.
Spatial Web Browsing
The Context
Our web browsing experience has't changed much over the last three decades.
Here's Mosaic, the first browser that made the web popular outside niche academic circles.
How the relationship between live events and mobile devices is evolving in 2022 - Digiday
The pandemic has accelerated changes in the way people consume content - and live events are part of that transformation.
Most Officers Who Used Force During 2020 Protests Have Been Cleared By the City of Misconduct. Here's Why.
The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) estimated that, in 2020, its officers used force more than 6,000 times against members of the public participating in racial justice protests.
Aarna Kitchen takes over former El Coreano spot
The restaurant space at 23rd and Bryant Streets tried it all, to no avail: Soul food, Korean/Mexican/Chinese cuisine.