Afghanistan: second Ministry of Defence email data breach emerges
A second data breach by the Ministry of Defence in the space of a few days that could compromise the safety of Afghans has emerged.
Yes, an Israeli study did find natural immunity is effective in fighting COVID-19, but health experts still recommend vaccination
An Israeli study found the best protection against COVID-19 is getting vaccinated and having natural immunity. But vaccines are still effective and less dangerous.
Annals of Emperors and Empresses of San Francisco: Marlena
Perhaps best known for her bar in Haes Valley, which ran for 23 years, Marlena came to San Francisco from Modesto over 30 years ago.
What Could Cause Portland Schools to Return to Remote Learning This Year?
As Oregon students cautiously return to in-person learning, school districts, teachers, and families are asking Multnomah County health officials what could trigger a reversal to remote learning.
Keir Starmer essay sets Labour on course for centre ground
Keir Starmer has set Labour on a decisive course toward the centre ground in a 35-page statement of intent that emphasises the values of hard work, contributing to society and partnership with the private sector.
TD Garden to require proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test for all guests over age of 12
The policy takes effect Sept. 30.
Fans will need more than tickets for a Bruins or Celtics home game this fall.
Ransomware now accounts for 69% of all attacks that use malware
The most common targets of ransomware in the second quarter of 2021 were governmental, medical and industrial companies along with scientific and educational institutions, says Positive Technologies.
Meet the Experts Bringing Mindfulness to the Military - Mindful
This month, military leaders from around the world will meet for a first-of-a-kind virtual symposium to share how they've been using mindfulness within their formations, and to learn from each other.
UK MoD Data Breach Shows Cybersecurity Must Protect Both People and Data
The UK MoD has failed to protect personally identifiable information (PII) for Afghan interpreters; the incident highlights how avoidable cybersecurity mistakes can have devastating consequences.
Douglas Durst Accused of Cutting Nephew's Trust Payments
The courtroom drama surrounding the Durst family did not end with Robert Durst's murder conviction in Los Angeles on Friday.