Inside Politics: Cummings - PM lied to parliament about Downing Street garden party
Without Dominic Cummings, there is a good chance Boris Johnson would not be in No 10 Downing Street.
Top 8 Benefits of Using a Time Tracker for Your Remote Marketing Team
A survey by FlexJobs shows that 65 percent of employees said they would be more productive working from home. Only three percent stated they would be less productive.
Using Open Source to Secure Software Supply Chains
Recently, there's been a lot of attention paid to software supply chain security.
Ruling finds Title IX liability for actions by nonstudents
Millersville University in Pennsylvania was given prior notice that it could be held liable under Title IX "for its deliberate indifference to known sexual harassment perpetrated by a non-student guest," a federal appeals court ruled last week.
China forced 2,500 'fugitives' back from overseas during pandemic, report finds
Chinese authorities captured more than 2,500 "fugitives" from overseas and brought them back to China during the pandemic, under a program using methods ranging from family intimidation to "state-sanctioned kidnapping", according to a new report.
Germany Keeps on Registering Extremely High Corona Infection Numbers
Berlin, January 18th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) - Germany registered yet another record Incidence level on Tuesday. According to the Robert Koch Institute, it just reached 553.2.
Inmates sue jail over ivermectin treatment for Covid as 'medical experimentation'
Four inmates at an Arkansas jail have filed a lawsuit against the facility and its doctor after they said they were unknowingly prescribed ivermectin to treat Covid-19 as a form of "medical experimentation" despite US health officials warning that the anti-parasitic drug should not be used for that purpose.
Philippine COVID deaths may be double the current number
Statistics office has recorded more than 105,000 total COVID deaths as the country hits a new record for active cases the highest in Southeast Asia.
Peers inflict string of defeats against government protest crackdown
The government has suffered a series of defeats over its attempts to crackdown on protests after peers rejected a raft of controversial measures proposed by ministers in response to action taken by Insulate Britain and others.
Sadiq Khan proposes journey charge for motorists in London
Motorists across the whole of London could be charged for every journey from 2024 under plans being drawn up to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.