This Book Introduces You To The People Doing Your 'Dirty Work'
Farrar, Straus and Giroux Who is doing your dirty work?
Many of us have no idea, and writer Eyal Press wants to change that.
Dave East's Hoffa' Is a Throwback to Mob-Inspired Rap
James Riddle Hoffa, an American labor union leader and former general president of the Teamsters union, disappeared on this day in 1975.
Telecom Vendors Used End of Prison Visits During COVID to Profit Off Phone Calls
Recently released financial statements for Aventiv Technologies - the parent company of Securus Technologies - reveal that the prison telecom corporation capitalized on the COVID-19 public health crisis to rake in massive gains on the backs of struggling families.
Couple plan gallery space to help Indigenous street artists get better prices for their work | CBC News
After seeing a lot of Indigenous artists in Toronto sell their artwork on the street for much less than what it's worth, a couple plan to open a gallery to feature those artists.
Podcast: The end of a small town's prison economy
Landing a job at one of the prisons in the northeastern California town of Susanville has been a sure way to get a middle-class life for decades.
US journalist says he was tortured during detention in Myanmar
Myanmar's security forces punched, slapped and beat a US journalist and kept him blindfolded for more than a week of interrogation, he said after being deported to the United States following more than three months in detention.
Ghislaine Maxwell civil depositions can be used at criminal trial, judge rules
Two 2016 depositions of Ghislaine Maxwell in a civil case in which she was repeatedly questioned about Jeffrey Epstein's sexual activities can be used at her criminal trial on sex trafficking charges in November, a judge in New York ruled on Friday.
6 Books to Help Your Kid Take the Next Steps Toward Social Justice | KQED
Any good teacher who's going to teach about racism, and also its history, are going to teach about people of different races who were involved in abolitionist struggles, who were involved in the civil rights movement, who are trying to create an equitable and just society today.
6 Books To Help Your Kid Take The Next Steps Towards Social Justice
Ibram X. Kendi Stephen Voss The writer Ibram X. Kendi has been reading a lot of books to his five-year-old daughter, Imani.