Eye-Tracking In Mobile UX Research - Smashing Magazine
Quick summary ↬ Eye-tracking, a method that measures where people are looking and for how long they are looking, became more accessible to UX research thanks to technology.
AdPlayer.Pro Outstream Video Ads Solutions Provider Releases Upgrades to Programmatic Video Ad Server Functionality
According to the company's announcement, the released functionality includes, among other things, the streamlined oRTB Demand integration and setup, along with the upgraded ad serving capacity, which enables to further mitigate potential latency issues.
Introducing the New JSX Transform - React Blog
Although React 17 doesn't contain new features, it will provide support for a new version of the JSX transform. In this post, we will describe what it is and how to try it.
Budget 2021: what's really going on in the UK economy?
ritain's economic recovery from Covid is at growing risk from severe shortages of workers and materials, as well as mounting living costs for households, as Rishi Sunak prepares his budget and spending review.
Interactive components: less wiring, more inspiring
Design isn't just about how something looks. It's equally important to nail down how it feels and works.
NHS Test and Trace used 'eye-watering' sums of money
NHS Test and Trace has cost taxpayers "eye-watering" sums of money and "has not achieved its main objective" of letting people return to normal live and cutting Covid-19 infections, a damning report by MPs has concluded.
Washington Football Team: Best and worst PFF grades from Week 7 loss
As if the Washington Football Team being 2-5 and stumbling well below expectations wasn't exasperating enough for fans, they've also had to watch the coaching staff deploy rotations that have made little to no sense.
Poland's Heartland Would Rather Keep E.U. Money Than Break With Bloc
Despite the flame-throwing rhetoric of their leaders, conservative supporters of Poland's ruling party are dependent on millions of euros in aid, and don't want to risk it.
Adobe brings new Creative Cloud apps to M1 Macs and the web
Today is the first day of Adobe Max 2021, the software-as-a-service company's annual conference where it announces major features for Creative Cloud products like Photoshop.
This camera system is better than lidar for depth perception
So far, almost every autonomous vehicle we've encountered uses lidar to determine how far away things are, just as the winners of the DARPA Grand Challenges did back in the early 2000s.