Thousands gather in Belfast to protest against Northern Ireland protocol
Police estimated that more than 3,000 people took part, in excess of the number allowed to gather in public currently under the coronavirus regulations. 1
Under the protocol in the Brexit withdrawal agreement, designed to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland, Northern Ireland in effect remains in the single market and EU customs policy is enforced on goods coming frommainland Britain. 1
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Why I said 'NO' to a freelance job offer as a Junior UX/UI Designer
Two weeks ago I got a message from a startup on Behance that they would like to work with me because they liked my case studies.
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Boris Johnson gives strongest hint yet that planned 21 June lifting of lockdown will be delayed
'Where it's necessary to be cautious, we will be': PM says final decision will come on Monday
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Today in White Sox History: June 12
The White Sox traded relief pitcher Eddie Fisher to the Orioles for infielder Jerry Adair.
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UK must honour its word over Brexit, says Emmanuel Macron
The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has issued a robust warning to Boris Johnson, telling him the British government must "honour their word" over the Brexit deal, as he called for a "reset" in relations between their two countries.
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Macron tells Johnson he must keep his word on Brexit to win a 'reset' of relations with France
Emmanuel Macron has told Boris Johnson he must "keep his word" over Brexit if he wants a reset of relations with France.
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Dominic Raab hits out at 'bloody-minded' EU ahead of talks on Brexit stand-off
Dominic Raab has told the EU not to be "bloody-minded" about implementing the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland, ramping up tensions ahead of crucial talks.
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G7: Boris Johnson to face pressure from EU on Northern Ireland
Boris Johnson will come under fresh pressure from EU leaders in Cornwall on Saturday in the increasingly bitter standoff over the implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol.