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6 months ago
New York Mets

A history of the revolving door at third base from Felix Mantilla to Wayne Garrett

The New York Mets have had a long history of struggling to find a consistent third baseman.
They have gone through multiple players, often trading valuable prospects, in search of a solution. [ more ]
Sacramento Bee
6 months ago

Cops raid historic California park - again. 'They've been trying to kill this park'

Police officers clear People's Park in Berkeley for construction, sparking protests
People's Park has a long history as a gathering place for the community and has faced previous attempts at demolition and development [ more ]
South Side Sox
6 months ago
Boston Red Sox

Today in White Sox History: January 3

The White Sox beat the Giants in a World Tour game at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1914, marking the first time in 100 years that the majors returned to Australia.
Luke Appling, a shortstop for the White Sox, was inducted into the Army in 1944 but returned to the team in 1945 and continued to have a successful career.
In 2005, the White Sox signed pitcher Orlando 'El Duque' Hernandez, who had a memorable performance in the ALDS. [ more ]
6 months ago
Software development

Choosing the Right Programming Language - DevOps.com

Selecting the right programming language is crucial for successful software development
Understanding the history and evolution of programming languages is important for making an informed choice [ more ]
Sacramento Bee
6 months ago
US politics

Trump's vows to deport millions are undercut by his White House record and one family's story

Noelia Sanchez was born in the rolling farmlands of southwest Missouri, where her Mexican parents worked as seasonal farmworkers in the 1950s.
Metro Silicon Valley | Silicon Valley's Leading Weekly
6 months ago
Silicon Valley

Recursive Archive: Haunting and the Return of the Image in Latin America at Stanford | Metro Silicon Valley | Silicon Valley's Leading Weekly

Latin America's history and culture are shaped by both its tropical environment and underlying political elements.
Dr. Ileana L. Selejan will present her findings on Nicaraguan photography and the aftermath of the Sandinista revolution. [ more ]
6 months ago

Nonfiction to look out for in 2024

Nature writing and major biography are on the decline in new nonfiction.
History and health are still popular topics in new nonfiction publishing. [ more ]
6 months ago

Nonfiction to look out for in 2024

What are the trends in new nonfiction?
6 months ago

Wild Swans author Jung Chang awarded CBE in New Year Honours

The best-selling author whose memoir Wild Swans was banned in mainland China but sold millions of copies worldwide has been awarded a CBE in the New Year Honours List.
Calm Sage - Your Guide to Mental and Emotional Well-being
6 months ago
Mental health

Drama Therapy: What Is It, Techniques, Benefits, And More

Drama therapy combines drama techniques and psychotherapy to help people express their emotions and solve problems.
The history of drama therapy dates back to the 18th century in Europe, where it was founded to use storytelling and movements for therapeutic benefits.
The objectives of drama therapy include improving relationships, increasing self-awareness, promoting personal growth, and maintaining overall wellbeing. [ more ]
6 months ago

'The Book at War' Review: Passing Time in the Trenches

We have a general sense of what is needed in the run-up to war-not least the stockpiling of armaments and materiel.It turns out that we should inventory our stockpiles of literature as well.
6 months ago
New York City

Where You Can Still Glimpse the Glory of a Vanished Grand Hotel

The Hotel Pennsylvania, once the world's largest hotel, has been demolished to make way for a supertall office tower.
The hotel had sentimental value for many people, but changes in travel and entertainment habits led to its decline. [ more ]
6 months ago
Everyday cooking

Rachel Roddy's New Year recipe for good-luck lentils with sausages

Lentils have a long history and were one of the eight neolithic founder crops domesticated around 12,000 years ago in the fertile crescent.
Lentils have been used as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in various cultures, including ancient Rome. [ more ]
6 months ago
East Bay food

Berkeley nonprofit formed 30 years ago to restore fountain smashed by runaway truck

A postcard of the original fountain circa 1913.
6 months ago
San Francisco

Hidden San Francisco Walking Tours | SoMa

Hidden stories and surprises abound in a free 90-minute walking tour in the Yerba Buena neighborhood of San Francisco's history, art, poetry, architecture and activism, including live performances of characters that gave the city its unique reputation.
6 months ago

Why Does Fruitcake Last So Long?

The humble fruitcake has stood the test of timeboth culturally and scientifically.
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