Climate Activists Dumped a House in the Tidal Basin on Wednesday
As the sun glowed through the columns of the Jefferson Memorial around 7:15 AM Wednesday, a man in a racing wetsuit began to churn the murky waters of the Tidal Basin with his kicks as he pushed a model of a sunken row house further into the basin.
Your Workout Burns Fewer Calories Than You Think
Our bodies compensate for at least a quarter of the calories we expend during exercise, undermining our best efforts to lose weight by working out.
The Guardian view on the government and the BBC: an endless war of attrition | Editorial
t is hardly surprising that Rupert Murdoch, having surveyed the ramshackle, amateurish beginnings of GB News from his Oxfordshire estate, decided he could do better.
Fit washing machines with filters to reduce microplastic pollution, MPs say
Washing machines should be fitted with filters to prevent microplastic fibres from clothes reaching waterways and the sea, the Women's Institute, campaigners and MPs have urged.
Covid rates on the rise in secondary schools
The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) indicate that the rates of Covid-19 are on the rise in secondary schools.
Pfizer expands Chantix recall over potential carcinogen
The company says that there's no risk to patients currently taking the medicine, but that they should find alternatives.
Corvus, Arcus stocks soar on coattails of AstraZeneca cancer drug trial results - San Francisco Business Times
Shares of a Bay Area biotech company shot up more than 157% and another climbed to a lesser degree Friday after a Big Pharma company reported that a cancer drug with a shared target appeared effective in fighting tumors.
Cuba to Vaccinate Toddlers Against COVID-19
Cuba will vaccinate children as young as two years old against COVID-19, a development spurred by high levels of pediatric coronavirus cases on the island.
Readers Respond: What To Say If Someone Asks Why You're Wearing A Mask
In a Coronavirus FAQ last week, I reported on an incident at an outdoor restaurant when a stranger asked me why I was wearing a mask.
"Do you think you really need it?"
he wondered.
Vaccine passports required to enter nightclubs and large events in Wales
Vaccine passports will be required to enter nightclubs and attend large events in Wales from next month, the country's first minister has announced.