The U.S. virus surge appears to be declining in some states, but deaths are still increasing.
New coronavirus cases and Covid hospitalizations across the United States have started to show signs of decline, although they remain far higher than they were earlier in the summer, and the number of new deaths is still increasing.
NSW Covid cases exceed 50,000 since pandemic began as ACT records 15 new infections
New South Wales has recorded 1,331 new locally acquired Covid-19 infections and six more people with the virus have died.
Silicon Valley ready for rollout of COVID-19 booster shots
Santa Clara County is ready to offer all eligible residents COVID-19 booster shots within 24 hours of federal approval, but whether the plan is needed-and to what extent-remains unknown.
COVID Crisis in Idaho Is So Bad Doctors Try to Transfer Patients Out of State
Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, the state of Idaho is facing a health emergency so dire that doctors and nurses are attempting to transport patients to other states.
Why is Switzerland's Covid certificate for recovery valid only six months?
The expiration date of certificates issued to fully vaccinated people is exactly one year after the second dose. This date is included in both digital and paper versions of the document.
Vaccinations to hospital numbers: How the Covid situation is evolving in Switzerland
Let's start with the positive news first.
For the past several days, the number of new daily infections reported in Switzerland dropped from more than 3,000 to 2,262 on Thursday.
COVID-19 cases among California kids fall after first month of school
The long-awaited start of the new school year coincided with a wave of COVID-19 cases driven by the highly contagious delta variant, creating plenty of anxiety over what would happen when millions of California kids gathered in classrooms, many for the first time since March 2020.
Why vaccine passports may be an important tool in boosting vaccination rates | CBC News
This week, Quebec's government began enforcing its vaccine passport, an electronic record in the form of a quick response (QR) code.
Cuba begins vaccinating children as young as two against COVID-19
Cuba, using its homegrown vaccines, is one of the first nations to begin vaccinating very young children.
Universal Studios, Six Flags visitors may have to show COVID-19 vaccine proof or test
Proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative test will soon be necessary to enter Los Angeles County's largest theme parks, a top health official confirmed Thursday.