Health care workers cite understaffing, poor conditions in planned strike - SFBay
Health care workers at two East Bay centers are planning to strike next month because of understaffing, poor working conditions and unfair labor practices, union officials said.
Workers in these five industries will be affected the most by Biden's vaccine mandate
More than 80% of the workforce for those five industries are employed by businesses with a staff of at least 100 employees, which means they'll be required to get a vaccine or a weekly Covid-19 test.
Italy Is Making COVID-19 Health Passes Mandatory For All Workers
People demonstrate against Italy's "green pass" on Saturday in Rome.
Between violence and vandalism, the parties are experiencing a very ugly campaign | CBC News
The three main parties say they've experienced ugly incidents on the campaign trail, ranging from vandalism to assault. Some party operatives say it's the nastiest campaign they've ever experienced.
NY governor vows to fight lawsuit over vaccine mandate
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul vowed this week to fight a lawsuit launched by a group of Christian health care practitioners who argue that New York's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for many health care workers is unconstitutional because it lacks a religious exemption.
3,000 Health Care Workers In France Have Been Suspended For Not Getting A COVID Shot
Medical staff members tend to COVID-19 patients at the AP-HP Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris in April.
Increasing investments in mental health benefits everyone
September 15, 2021- Shekhar Saxena, professor of the practice of global mental health at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, was a consultant for a new website called Vital Signs: The Campaign to Prevent Physician Suicide through his work with #FirstRespondersFirst.
Hochul defends NYS vaccine mandate for health care workers after federal judge blocks order | amNewYork
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Latest: WHO reports big drop in new coronavirus infections
GENEVA - The World Health Organization said there were about 4 million coronavirus cases reported globally last week, marking the first major drop in new infections in more than two months.
Unvaccinated French health care workers face suspension
Health care workers in France face suspension from their jobs starting Wednesday if they haven't been vaccinated against COVID-19.