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4 months ago
Social justice

The Story of Killers of the Flower Moon Isn't Over

The movie sheds light on the dark chapter of history inflicted upon the Osage Nation for greed.
Critics complain about the film's length, but it remains inadequate in capturing the ongoing impact of racism and greed on Native Americans. [ more ]
6 months ago
UX design

The designer's guide to social computing

Humans are innately tuned in to the collective behaviors of their fellow humans.
Designers have a responsibility to design for ethical consumption and ensure social experiences serve the better intentions of users. [ more ]
1 year ago

Is Bitcoin the Goose That Lays the Golden Egg? | HackerNoon

Greed can lead to loss, as seen in the story of the golden goose and illustrated in the risks associated with cryptocurrency. [ more ]
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