You're Not Alone: Most Parents Don't Want to Have More Kids, Survey Says
If you're thinking you're going to be a one-and-done family - as in, the parent of a single child - you may be part of a growing trend of smaller families, new research suggests.
Analysis | Milton Friedman Is More Relevant Than Ever
Economists have gotten a lot wrong over the course of this pandemic, and long before that, but there is one whose ideas have never looked better: Milton Friedman, the Nobel laureate who died in 2006.
Mortgage rates propelled higher by inflation
After falling below 3% for the first time in a month, mortgage rates shot higher this week after a report showed inflation continues to put pressure on the economy.
For the first time ever, mortgage rates plunge as inflation soars
Freddie Mac's 30-year fixed plunged 11 basis points to 2.98% this week, even as the nation's inflation rate jumped to 6.2%.
When was the last time this happened?
SoCal REIT Eyes Zillow Flop On Flips
A Southern California-based REIT is considering buying homes from Zillow as the online real estate giant looks to offload thousands of properties following the announcement that it would dissolve its failing home flipping business.
Humanities graduates are happy with their lives, survey says
Articles suggesting that humanities graduates are poor or unhappy are abundant. But the opposite is true.
Homeseller Profit Margin Jump Hits Post-Recession High
Those selling their home in the midst of one of the hottest housing markets in recent memory are reaping record rewards.
Zillow, facing big losses, quits flipping houses and will lay off a quarter of its staff.
Zillow, the real estate website known for estimating house values, said on Tuesday that it would exit the business of rapidly buying and selling houses amid heavy losses and that it planned to let go about nearly 25 percent of its employees.
Robert Shiller Warns Homebuyers of Bumpy Ride
After months of U.S. home prices rapidly accelerating, new figures show the growth is slowing - not that bargain hunters are ready to whip out their wallets.