Federal funding would be a game-changer for San Francisco's beloved libraries - The San Francisco Examiner
Michael Lambert, city librarian of the San Francisco Public Library, argues that public libraries in San Francisco and around the nation need federal investment. (Kevin N. Hume/The Examiner)
'They're going to meet their Waterloo': grandma wins remarkable legal battle against developer
When Tracey Anne Higgins squared off against a wealthy retirement village operator trying to use squatter's rights to claim ownership of her family's land, she knew one thing for certain.
Catalogue of errors led to 1bn of state pension underpayments
The National Audit Office (NAO) said 134,000 pensioners, mostly women, were underpaid pensions because outdated computer systems led to mistakes.
School community rallies for lacrosse coach fired for being a lesbian
Comedian Cameron Esposito is among the thousands speaking up and speaking out against Benet Academy, a prestigious Catholic school outside of Chicago, because the school decided not to hire a woman they initially began hiring - because that woman has a wife.
I Had My First Child at 45. Here's What I Learned.
A little empathy goes a long way, and people are going to judge.
Bones of Buried Kings
Two months after his death, my grandfather's grave still lacks a headstone. My mother and I stand at its oblong of disturbed earth, too exposed in the withering grass and screaming summer insects.
Irma Kalish, TV Writer Who Tackled Social Issues, Dies at 96
A female trailblazer in the TV industry, she and her husband took on topics like rape and abortion in writing for sitcoms like "All in the Family" and "Maude."
Mussolini's Sister review - interestingly quirky portrait of a grumpy octogenarian
una Suleiman's documentary about Hiam, her octogenarian grandmother who lives in Nazareth, is no journey through a picture-perfect family album. Hiam is not the cake-baking kind of grandmother.
This French Pianist Has Been Playing For 102 Years And Just Released A New Album
Colette Maze, now 107 years old, began playing the piano at age 5 and defied the social conventions of her day to embrace it as a profession rather than as a pastime.
The kaiser and the paperweight: how Cecil Rhodes helped inspire the first world war
It was discovered, dusty and damaged, on a warehouse shelf.