Germany could end Covid pandemic rules in March 2022
As The Local has been reporting, the three future coalition parties - the SPD, Greens and the FDP - want to allow the current pandemic emergency powers to expire next month.
Trail's end: the days of roaming free are numbered for Nigeria's herders
he still of the vast Damau grazing reserve is broken by the gentle noises of Abubakar Umar's cattle as he herds them a few kilometres from the clusters of brick huts that house his steadily growing community of pastoralists from across northern Nigeria.
"We're building tunnels not walls" says Angry Birds co-founder
A €15 billion project to link the capitals of Finland and Estonia via a tunnel beneath the Baltic Sea will create a metropolitan area "much, much better" for tech startups than Silicon Valley, according to CEO Peter Vesterbacka.
Scott Morrison refuses to release net zero 2050 modelling amid condemnation of climate policy
The prime minister, Scott Morrison, is resisting pressure to release the modelling underpinning the Coalition's plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, amid growing criticism that Australia's climate policy lacks credibility.
India's top court asks: Did gov't use Pegasus spyware to snoop?
The court said the possible violation of citizens' right to privacy and free speech compelled it to seek out the truth.
Canada's difficult road to reaching its 2030 climate goal as another global conference nears | CBC News
Canada's track record has been pretty simple when it comes to climate targets.
Step 1: Set an ambitious goal
Step 2: Largely maintain the status quo
Step 3: Miss goal
Step 4: Set new goal
Anonymity No More? Age Checks Come to the Web.
Credit... Shira Inbar
To protect children online, more companies and governments are forcing users to prove how old they are.
Proposed voter ID laws 'real threat' to rights of Indigenous Australians and people without homes
Proposed laws that would require eligible voters to show identification before casting a ballot could disenfranchise Indigenous Australians and people experiencing homelessness, advocates have warned.
Analysis | Why Financial Firms Can't Be Climate Change Cops
Which of the following markets would you want your pension fund to have invested in this year? Would it be the one tracking the benchmark index, which has gained about 20%?