How an ancient rainmaker inspired a quest to nurture female writers in Malawi
I have often tried to imagine what Makewana, the original female rainmaker of ancient Malawi, must have looked like.
Opinion | Mothers, Absent and Present
" Sparing a Thought for Absent Mothers," by Amanda Hess (Critic's Notebook, Jan. 15), was brilliant and heartfelt and let us in to her own challenges as a mother.
Mario Kart Needs A Super Smash-Style Makeover
Mario Kart is a fantastic franchise - one of Nintendo's best, easily - but it's time for it to come to an end.
Analysis | Holiday Gift Returns Are Choking Retailers and Landfills
As the warmth of the holiday season ebbs, Americans are taking a cold look at their Christmas gifts. Many don't like what they see.
Fate of Nazi-looted Pissarro to be decided by US supreme court
Depicting a rainswept Paris street, the Nazi-looted painting has long hung on the walls of one of Madrid's top art museums.
Inside a Deadly Bronx Fire: Scenes of Chaos, Desperation and Love
When the building where they made their home became a smoke-filled death trap, hundreds of residents had to make life-or-death decisions as rescue workers raced to save them.
Crocodile found under school floorboards goes on display
A 120-year-old crocodile discovered under the floorboards of a school classroom in Wales has gone on display.
On 'S.N.L.,' Biden Urges Covid-Weary Nation to Stop Seeing 'Spider-Man'
The "West Side Story" star Ariana DeBose hosted the first new "S.N.L." of 2022, after its last episode of 2021 was disrupted by the pandemic.
Into the Submarine Fairyland: How Scientific Artist Else Bostelmann Invited the Terrestrial Imagination into the Wonder-World of the Deep Sea
"Contemplating the teeming life of the shore," the poetic marine biologist Rachel Carson wrote as she reckoned with the ocean and the meaning of life, "we have an uneasy sense of the communication of some universal truth that lies just beyond our grasp... the ultimate mystery of Life itself."
Ed Schoenfeld, Impresario of Chinese Cuisine, Dies at 72
He helped introduce New Yorkers to the breadth of Chinese regional food with a series of top-rated Manhattan restaurants in the 1970s and '80s.