LAPD officers need COVID vaccine or negative coronavirus test to work overtime at big events
Los Angeles police officers will be barred from working overtime at major events or off-duty security at venues like Dodgers Stadium or Staples Center unless they get vaccinated against the coronavirus or, if a venue allows it, secure a negative test, LAPD leaders announced Friday.
Case of BSE found on farm in Somerset but 'no risk to food safety'
A single case of BSE - an infection commonly known as "mad cow disease" - has been confirmed on a farm in Somerset.
Silicon Valley ready for rollout of COVID-19 booster shots
Santa Clara County is ready to offer all eligible residents COVID-19 booster shots within 24 hours of federal approval, but whether the plan is needed-and to what extent-remains unknown.
Governor Newsom Signs Housing Bills | KQED
Newsom Signs Housing Bills Aimed at Adding More Supply
Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a package of bills aimed at boosting housing supplies across the state.
Significance of Data Annotation for ADAS Applications
Vehicle safety is one of the major areas in which automakers are making considerable investments.
How British Crime Dramas Became Appointment TV
In Britain, a series of recent big budget BBC thrillers have drawn record viewing figures, thanks to a combination of suspenseful writing and weekly episodes.
Week 2 NFL upset picks to watch this week
Everybody loves a little extra change in their pocket, so go get some free money with these three upset special picks during some NFL Week 2 action.
Workers at Darwin's Ltd., a Group of Cambridge Cafes, Are Forming a Union
Workers at Darwin's Ltd., a Cambridge cafe with four locations, are forming a union.
'Strange New Worlds' could use Star Trek's best villain to break canon
In The Wrath of Khan, when Kirk loses it over getting stranded inside of Regula I, he screams, "Khaaaaaaan!"
Notice, he doesn't scream "Singgggggh!"