Meet the brave, consensual mayor set to face down Hungary's autocrat | Nick Cohen
ergely Karácsony does not have the commanding features of a warrior who can fight Europe's authoritarian nationalists.
'It's bonkers': Traders and shoppers split over plan to revive imperial measurements
Shoppers and traders are divided following the government's proposals to allow the return of imperial measurements.
Lib Dem conference: Sir Ed Davey gambles on targeting Tories
That - according to one senior Lib Dem MP - is the question the party needs to answer this weekend, at its annual conference.
The Guardian view of Lib Dem strategy: bringing down the blue wall | Editorial
lectoral history is full of upsets, but few are as stunning as the Liberal Democrats' byelection victory in Chesham and Amersham, deep in the heart of Tory Britain.
Cabinet reshuffle 'Ask Me Anything' hosted live by John Rentoul
The reshuffle was more dramatic than expected, with Liz Truss promoted to foreign secretary, Dominic Raab moved to the justice department and given the deputy prime minister title, and Michael Gove given the hardest brief: housing.
Post-Brexit plan to return to imperial pounds and ounces - follow news live
Boris Johnson cabinet reshuffle: How does his new team look?
Why Dorries and Dowden have been awarded top jobs in the reshuffle
As a practical result of the cabinet reshuffle, Britain will soon have to get much more used to the voices of two previously relatively low-key politicians - the former secretary of state for culture, media and sport, Oliver Dowden, and his surprising successor, Nadine Dorries, whose announcement was an unusually well-kept secret in this notoriously leaky administration.
Ministers plan post-Brexit return of imperial pounds and ounces
Shops are to be allowed to sell products in pounds and ounces again after the government pledged to review a ban on marking and selling products in imperial units as part of post- Brexit changes to EU laws.
Dutch foreign minister quits over Afghanistan evacuations
The Dutch foreign minister, Sigrid Kaag, resigned Thursday after the lower house of parliament passed a motion of censure against the government over its handling of evacuations from Afghanistan amid the Taliban takeover.