Analysis | Why a Vote on Orban's Rule Reverberates Across Europe
Prime Minister Viktor Orban's subversion of mainstream politics in Hungary has become a case study for inspiring populists and a cautionary tale for defenders of democracy.
Britishvolt gets 100m boost to build UK's first large-scale 'gigafactory'
The UK government will invest £100m in Britishvolt as the car battery manufacturing startup seeks to build Britain's first large-scale "gigafactory" in the north-east of England.
The Guardian view on dual mandates: double trouble in Northern Ireland | Editorial
his spring's elections are getting an unusual amount of advance publicity. The cause, regrettably, is not a great revival of enthusiasm for local government.
Boris Johnson's future: Tory MPs stepping back from challenge - minister
Conor Burns - the government's minister for Northern Ireland - said colleagues were now choosing to wait for the report into the No 10 lockdown parties.
Assembly candidate Bilal Mahmood is often a no-show when it comes to voting
Tech entrepreneur and neuroscientist Bilal Mahmood, one of four candidates for Assembly District 17, has a thin voting record according to Department of Elections records obtained by Mission Local.
Tories could 'die death of 1,000 cuts if Johnson stays on as PM', David Davis says
The Conservative Party is at risk of "dying a death of 1,000 cuts" if MPs do not move to oust Boris Johnson as prime minister, a senior Tory said.
Supreme Court hears arguments on campaign finance law, issues statements on NPR report
Three Supreme Court justices issued statements Wednesday addressing an NPR story about relations among the justices.
UK Government to discuss Northern Ireland first ministers' roles after elections
The Government will speak to political parties in Northern Ireland after Assembly elections this year about the possibility of reforming the roles of the first minister and deputy first minister.