Europe seeks new leader as Merkel exits the political stage
Her successor-in-waiting to lead Europe's biggest economy, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, as well as France's President Emmanuel Macron and Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi have all been touted as candidates to take over Merkel's mantle as the leader of Europe.
What is the Le Touquet treaty and why do French politicians want to scrap it?
The Le Touquet Treaty (or Traité du Touquet in French) is an agreement reached between the British and French governments on the subject of border controls, which was signed in 2003 and came into force in 2004.
France accuses UK of 'quasi-modern slavery' amid Channel crisis row
A senior French minister has accused the UK of an economic model of "quasi-modern slavery" amid the ongoing row over small boat crossings in the English Channel.
France to put forward proposals for tacking the Channel migrant crisis
France is to put forward proposals for tackling the Channel migrant crisis as the interior minister suggested talks with the UK could resume.
France sending more security forces to Guadeloupe amid unrest
French minister for overseas territories is holding talks in Guadeloupe amid days of protests over COVID curbs.
France offers to restart migrant talks if the British get 'serious'
France is ready to resume discussions with the UK on the migrant crisis if the British enter talks in a "serious spirit," the country's interior minister has said.
Covid rules to cheese shortages: 6 essential articles for life in France
Winter is coming. But the cheesemakers aren't ready.
After a particularly wet and cold summer, farms have struggled to produce enough hay - an important source of nutrition for lactating cows.
Migrant crisis: Priti Patel not included in Calais meeting
By Malu Cursino BBC News
France is due to host German, Belgian and Dutch ministers and European Commission officials for talks.
Amid riots, France to consider some autonomy for Guadeloupe
France's government is offering to discuss some autonomy for the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, which has been wracked by virus-related rioting and strikes that reflect long-running frustrations over inequality with the French mainland.
France delays vaccine mandate for health workers in Caribbean
PARIS - France has postponed implementing a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for health workers in Martinique and Guadeloupe after the measure spurred widespread protests on the French territories in which police officers were injured and journalists attacked.