Feel Stuck in Life? This Is What You Need to Do.
Lately, you've been feeling as though you're watching the world playing on a loop. Every day seems the same.
Omicron in retreat but Covid not over yet, says Sajid Javid as he scraps precautions
The Omicron variant of "in retreat" but the Covid-19 pandemic is "not over yet", Sajid Javid has said.
Santa Clara County advocate garners support for state health care bill
A bill proposing a state single-payer health care system, which would be the first in the nation if passed, has a swell of public support.
Texas scientists' new Covid-19 vaccine is cheaper, easier to make and patent-free
A new Covid-19 vaccine is being developed by Texas scientists using a decades-old conventional method that will make the production and distribution cheaper and more accessible for countries most affected by the pandemic and where new variants are likely to originate due to low inoculation rates.
NFL encouraged by diverse interview lists of teams with coach/G.M. openings - ProFootballTalk
Dasha Smith has had intense interest this week in the list of interview requests generated by NFL teams with General Manager or coaching vacancies.
Sickouts' Spreading Across Bay Area Schools, as Teachers and Students Decry Lack of Masks and Testing
Last week's SF Unified and Oakland Unified School District sickouts were the shape of things to come at Bay Area schools, as Oakland teachers are pulling another one, as are many other East Bay schools.
COVID: How omicron changed the way we view pandemic life
In the first year, COVID hadn't touched a single person he knew, but Ranjan Wadhwa was still terrified.
Mediterranean diet named best diet for 2022
It's a winning streak that just won't quit.
Two Wyoming Bobsledders. Two Horrific Brain Injuries. One Survivor.
The Great Read
Travis Bell and Joe Sisson were close friends and rising stars in bobsled before crashes derailed their careers.
Eagles COVID outbreak isn't devastating for Week 18 just yet
A 20-16 victory over Washington allows the Philadelphia Eagles to continue in their playoff quest, but a stark Monday update altered their Week 18 outlook.