Poem of the week: My Mother says No on Bloomsday by Mary O'Donnell
It is not easy, it is not easy to wheel an old woman to the shower
on Bloomsday, when the world and Molly cry yes, yes, yes,
and she is saying because what's left of her life
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A Dog's Tale review - quirky musical takes Crufts for a walk
In many ways, Mikron's touring model is ideally suited to this not-quite-post-pandemic summer.
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G7 reaffirmed goals but failed to provide funds needed to reach them, experts say
The G7 summit ended with rich nations reaffirming their goal to limit global heating to 1.5C, and agreeing to protect and restore 30% of the natural world by the end of this decade, but failing to provide the funds experts say will be needed to reach such goals.
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Greenpeace launch legal action against UK government over secrecy on deep sea mining
Greenpeace has launched legal action against the UK government over ministers' failure to disclose information over the first deep sea mining exploration licences to be made public.
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Museum of the Home reopens to protests over statue of slave ship owner
The reopening of the Museum of the Home in London was met with protests on Saturday calling for the removal of a statue of slave ship owner Robert Geffrye following an intervention by the culture secretary to keep it in place.
'My dream was buried': the children of India orphaned by Covid
Nitish Kumar will never forget the day he and his sisters buried their dead mother in the back garden.
Just 32, Priyanka Devi had died from Covid on 3 May.
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Strippers accuse council of sexist 'double standard' for allowing men to strip but trying to block women
Strippers have accused the council and local campaigners of sexist "double standards" for trying to ban women performing but allowing men to go ahead.
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