Zero Day Initiative - Two Birds with One Stone: An Introduction to V8 and JIT Exploitation
At our Pwn2Own Vancouver contest this year, the web browser category included the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browsers as targets.
Party drug users are fuelling serious crime, says Sajid Javid
Recreational drug users are fuelling an international criminal enterprise, said Sajid Javid, as the government announced a £780m strategy to to rebuild the drug treatment system.
By tackling both supply and demand, our strategy will reduce the misery of drugs | Sajid Javid
rugs ruin lives.
Cuba Ransomware Gang Hauls in $44M in Payouts
The gang is using a variety of tools and malware to carry out attacks in volume on critical sectors, the FBI warned.
IT Priorities 2022: Pandemic's long tail for cyber buyers
Cyber security continues its emergence as a focus of IT buyer attention, with big increases in spend predicted in areas such as security awareness training, multifactor authentication, risk and regulatory compliance, and threat detection, according to the TechTarget/Computer Weekly IT Priorities 2022 study.
Surge in Nobelium-linked supply chain attacks
An ongoing Russian state cyber campaign with links to the advanced persistent threat (APT) group that turned over SolarWinds nearly a year ago is targeting cloud and managed services providers and, with "top-notch" tradecraft and operational security, presents a live and dangerous threat.
Don't exploit migrants for politics, pope says on Lesbos visit
Pope Francis has denounced Europe's fear and indifference to migrants on his second visit to the Greek island of Lesbos.
Threat Group Takes Aim Again at Cloud Platform Provider Zoho
Attackers that previously targeted the cloud platform provider have shifted their focus to additional products in the company's portfolio.
Brisbane man jailed after seven children rescued from sexual exploitation in Philippines
Seven children have been rescued from sexual exploitation in the Philippines and a Brisbane man has been jailed for five years after a multinational police operation into an alleged international child abuse ring.
Pope pledges to relocate 50 asylum seekers to Italy
Pope Francis will travel to Cyprus with a message of compassion for the thousands of migrants who have fled to the east Mediterranean island, and a promise that by the end of the year 50 migrants will have been relocated to Italy.