Meet this introvert-friendly semi-enclosed chaise lounge chair that doubles as a private resting area for public spaces!
is a semi-enclosed chaise lounge chair designed to double as a resting space in public to get away from overpowering outdoor stimuli.
Bennet Schwartz Shares Five Signs Your Social Media Job Is Fulfilling - Social Media Explorer
Many people are unhappy in their job. This is not because they are not well-suited for the work, but simply because working all day can be exhausting and difficult.
Make This 'Fortnight in September' Your Pandemic Escape
In the spring of 2020, the British newspaper The Guardian asked a group of prominent novelists, including Hilary Mantel, Marlon James and Kazuo Ishiguro to recommend books that would "uplift" readers and "offer escape" during the pandemic.
Exploring Dutch Design Week 2021: The 6 Events You Need to See
Next month, Dutch Design Week (DDW) will launch its 20th edition of the show with the overarching theme of "The Greater Number", which will explore the issue of humanity's rampant addiction to growth.
'It's nearly time': What will life in Norway be like when last Covid-19 measures are lifted?
Minister of Health Bent Høie said Friday that the time for Norway to drop the last national coronavirus measures was on the horizon.
The Best Netflix Kids' Show Just Got Better
The greatest thing about the children's series is that unlike so many other shows for toddlers and preschoolers, all the regular characters are emotionally stable.
Cult Excape Maldives Is The Region's First-Ever Luxury Music Festival This Halloween
All new boutique event brings world-class DJs to an idyllic location in the Indian Ocean this Halloween
Get Certified As A Cybersecurity Expert With 93% Off These Expert Led Classes
New threats to our data and privacy reveal themselves every day, to the point where you can't even trust a USB cable .
You Haven't Read A Heist Novel Like This Before
A rag-tag band of criminals must come together for one last heist; of course, they didn't part on good terms after the last job ... You might know this story, but you don't yet know it in the hands of Cassandra Khaw.
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