NHL's Investigation On Evander Kane's Gambling Allegations Takes Surprising Turn
It's not good to be Evander Kane right now. The San Jose Sharks left-winger is in the middle of a controversy after his wife accused him of making bets on his own games.
NHL probe into Evander Kane's alleged illicit gambling reportedly hits a snag
The NHL's investigation into allegations that San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane gambled on and conspired to fix NHL games has reportedly slowed, and now it's unclear if the league's probe will be completed by the time the team begins training camp in roughly two weeks.
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When it comes to NHL rebuilds, there are teams who seemingly live in denial, like the Ducks. Every now and then, a team such as the Coyotes actually exceeds expectations.
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Evander Kane Accuses Estranged Wife of Assaulting Him on Several Occasions [Photo] | lovebscott.com
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PHT Morning Skate: Kane on leave from HDA; inside Ovechkin extension talks
* The Hockey Diversity Alliance has announced Evander Kane is on voluntary leave as the NHL investigates allegations made against him that he bet on games, including against his own team.
NHL rumors: Sharks attempted Evander Kane trade; teammates don't want him back
Several of Evander Kane's teammates don't want the 30-year-old winger to return to the Sharks this season, The Athletic's Kevin Kurz reported Tuesday, citing sources.
Sharks forward Evander Kane denies wife's allegations of game-fixing
Sharks forward Evander Kane on Sunday denied allegations made by his wife that he gambled on or tried to throw hockey games, including his own team's games, and said he would cooperate with the National Hockey League's investigation.
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I hope everyone is out there enjoying a much-deserved long weekend.
Sharks' Evander Kane faces uphill skating to clear his name after wife's accusations
In sports, gambling is the original sin.
Other crimes, misdeeds and personal weaknesses can be forgiven, overlooked or atoned for, but stars beware: Do not get caught selling your soul to the gamblers.