Where will Ron Rivera look for Washington's next quarterback?
We are not even two full years into the new regime, yet Washington Football Head Coach Ron Rivera has already had a wild ride at the quarterback position.
Controversial Arizona Law Might Give Frozen Embryos to Spouses Who Want a Baby After They're Divorced
A new Arizona law that went into effect at the beginning of July would require the courts to turn over frozen embryos to the person who plans to have children even after a couple has gotten divorced.
Fire season still a threat to Southern California despite rains
Record rainfall this week could mean the end of fire season for much of Northern California, experts said, but conditions in the Southland remain more tenuous, and the coming weeks could still bring fire danger.
Kids Are Carry 'Backpack Doorstops' to Stop Shooters
In the wake of the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, a Connecticut woman's Facebook post about sending both of her nieces to school with door stoppers in their back pack's is going viral.
Baseball is the National Pastime Again. Tell the Family.
Over the past few years, baseball has made a comeback.
SpaceX aims to fix leaky toilets before astronauts blast off at weekend
SpaceX is facing toilet troubles in its capsules before it launches more astronauts into space.
A hospital hiked the price of their healthy baby's birth by calling it an 'emergency'
When Caitlin Wells Salerno and Jon Salerno's first son, Hank, was born, his delivery cost the family only $30.
Gus' bill came in at more than $16,000, all told including the $2,755 ER charge.
Decentralisation can Improve Advertising for All: Q&A with Alkimi Exchange
In association with Alkimi Exchange.
Under the existing programmatic buying system, innovation in ad formats, targeting, attribution (etc.) all occur between the Buyer and the Seller.
Abba on their extraordinary reunion: 'We are confronted by our younger selves all the time'
t started with a mysterious image on billboards all over the world (and the internet). The sun rising above four dark planets; the only words Abba: Voyage.
Brian Snitker on his plans for the leadoff spot, Kyle Wright
After saying that he was considering his options for the leadoff spot in Game 1, Brian Snitker settled on Jorge Soler who will DH and lead off against Astros lefty Framber Valdez.