Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins may run for London mayor
The entrepreneur, 68, might throw his hat in the ring in 2024 after selling his plumbing business this week in a deal estimated to be worth between up to 145 million.
What It Was Like to Be Raised by African Royalty
In English and American culture, we refer to royalty as king and queen or duke and duchess, and so on and so forth. African culture is different.
This Cupertino startup is working on a tiara-like device that could make a world of difference for stroke patients
When treating a person who's suffered a stroke, it matters a lot what kind of stroke it was.
This business funding platform makes it 10 times more likely to find investors
In the past, raising money for a business venture meant hitting the pavement, making contacts, setting up meetings, and shaking as many hands as possible. But that's not how things work any more.
Kanye West Buys Tadao Ando-Designed Malibu Home
Less than a month after the release of his long-awaited album, "Donda," Kanye West paid $57 million for a Tadao Ando-designed Malibu beach house, which first listed in May 2020.
Master Machine Learning With This AI Training Package
Machine learning is already making our lives better, whether that's by spotting cancer or by making fun of billionaires. Yet it's still an intimidating topic, even for experienced coders.
Why Should Your Business Outsource Marketing?
Entrepreneurs are a funny lot. Often, they have an incredible array of skills and experience, an enviable work ethic, and the enthusiasm to get stuck in with running every aspect of a business.
The Review's Review: These Were the Angels - The Paris Review
Liby Hays's , a graphic novel out this summer from the art book publisher Landfill Editions, takes place at a hackathon-truly inspired material for slapstick comedy, body horror, and philosophical reflection alike.
New Zealand-Style Nico's Ice Cream Opening a Brick and Mortar
It's Hispanic Heritage Month! In celebration, we will be highlighting Hispanic and Latinx entrepreneurs in this column over the next few weeks.
Dive Into Social Media To Augment Your Keyword Research - Social Media Explorer
Take a close look at the various aspects of keyword research.