The Review's Review: Back to the Essence - The Paris Review
"The Bridge 94 (Demo)," by Mobb Deep featuring Big Noyd, went unreleased for twenty years.
Elza Soares, 91, Who Pushed the Boundaries of Brazilian Music, Dies
She rose from a favela in Rio to samba stardom in the 1960s. But her career was later overshadowed by an affair with a famous soccer player that became a national scandal.
Broadway Meets the Avant-Garde in a Juilliard Music Festival
Focus, a weeklong event starting Sunday, delves into the broad range of American sounds in the first half of the 20th century.
They've Driven Everything, but the Miata Keeps Them Smiling
Auto industry people have a special affection for Mazda's petite (and affordable) roadster.
This journalist says Canada saved him. Now he's saving a 136-year-old Tilbury, Ont., newspaper | CBC News
Mohsin Abbas was lazing about over the holidays last month, watching TV, when he learned about tiny Tilbury, Ont., losing its local newspaper and the huge hole it's left in the community.
Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile: Five things we learned from documentary
As the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell awaits sentencing on charges of recruiting and trafficking girls for the deceased Jeffrey Epstein to abuse, an ITV documentary has chronicled the story of the disgraced pair via exclusive interviews with friends of the financier, survivors and staff, from which surfaced unsavoury new revelations of their relationship with Prince Andrew.
Lady Victoria Hervey: Prince Andrew's former girlfriend in profile
A former girlfriend of Prince Andrew has hit the headlines after she claimed Ghislaine Maxwell used her as "bait" to find underage girls for paedophile Jeffrey Epstein to abuse.
Britney Spears' Sister Reveals Her 2022 Thoughts On 1998's "Baby One More Time"
Britney Spears' debut single "...Baby One More Time" was a cultural reset in the late '90s.
Combine Load Testing and Observability with Speedscale and New Relic One
The traditional method for load testing requires a ton of steps: writing test cases, building non-prod environments, populating data, creating third-party API sandboxes, running tests, and reviewing reports.
'I was pretty much used as bait' says socialite befriended by Ghislaine Maxwell
Socialite Lady Victoria Hervey has suggested she was "used as bait" by Ghislaine Maxwell to "find however many girls were needed" to entertain Jeffrey Epstein's friends.