'We never went home before 10pm': 50 years of reporting on politics and power
Lobby journalism is a constant battle of contradictions - and that's before you get to Boris Johnson.
Lib Dems can take away Boris Johnson's majority, says Ed Davey
The Liberal Democrat leader, Ed Davey, says his party can deprive Boris Johnson of a majority at the next election because many Tories feel the prime minister has taken them for granted.
Caroline Lucas backs climate protests blocking M25 because of 'existential crisis'
Green MP Caroline Lucas has backed the climate emergency protests that blocked the M25 motorway, saying they are justified by the government's failure to act.
Foreigners taking our jobs? Not much chance of that now
n the eve of reshuffling his Alexander's Ragtime Band of cabinet ministers, the prime minister let it be known that he intended to fight the next election "around Brexit".
Economist called in to rescue Boris Johnson's 'levelling up' policy
A former Bank of England chief economist has been asked to breathe life into Boris Johnson 's troubled "levelling up" agenda, in a fresh government shake-up.
Only a Lib Dem surge can oust Boris Johnson from No 10, Ed Davey to say
Only a Liberal Democrat surge in Conservative heartlands can remove Boris Johnson from Downing Street, Ed Davey will tell the party's conference.
Government 'does not expect' energy emergency this winter - live
The government "does not expect" there to be gas supply emergencies this winter, a minister has said, amid concerns about a sudden rise in wholesale gas prices.
The Guardian view of Lib Dem strategy: bringing down the blue wall | Editorial
lectoral history is full of upsets, but few are as stunning as the Liberal Democrats' byelection victory in Chesham and Amersham, deep in the heart of Tory Britain.
Rashford and Southgate to save the union? They'll have their work cut out | Jonathan Freedland
ou may have heard talk of Gary Neville as a future mayor of Manchester.
Brexit: Imperial units only part of laws revamp, says No 10
The overhaul could permit retailers to once again sell goods only using Britain's traditional weighing system.