Foreigners taking our jobs? Not much chance of that now
n the eve of reshuffling his Alexander's Ragtime Band of cabinet ministers, the prime minister let it be known that he intended to fight the next election "around Brexit".
Experts warn of a rough winter but PM is clinging to plan A
Twelve months ago, as a battle raged in Downing Street over whether to order a circuit-breaker lockdown, Prof Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance issued a stern public warning that England was headed for 200 deaths a day by November unless action was taken.
Boris Johnson's Scotland-Northern Ireland tunnel plans axed
A controversial plan to build a tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland has been ditched before ground was broken, it has been reported, as the Treasury clamps down on spending.
Boris Johnson's manifesto-busting tax rise plans clear Commons vote
Boris Johnson's manifesto-busting plans to hike national insurance to tackle the NHS backlog and social care reform have passed a crucial Commons vote.
PM incorrectly states 'nobody has to pay anything' for means-tested care
Boris Johnson has incorrectly stated his proposals to fix the social care system will mean "nobody has to pay anything" for means-tested care of up to £100,000.
Who opposes Boris Johnson's social care funding plans?
A significant rebellion is building up against plans to fund social care changes that are expected to be announced this week.
Tories 'Get Brexit done' slogan was inspired by disgruntled Yorkshire woman
Boris Johnson's infamous "Get Brexit Done" slogan was dreamed up after a disgruntled Yorkshire woman first uttered the phrase in a focus group, it has been revealed.
PM's ex-aide blames Whitehall staff for Covid 'mixed messages'
Boris Johnson's former director of communications has blamed a lack of expertise in Whitehall for the government's struggle to get its message across in the early days of the Covid crisis.
Boris Johnson 'allergic to truth' says Labour, as Tory HQ reveals how refurb got paid
Labour has accused Boris Johnson of being "allergic to the truth" after the Conservatives finally revealed the complex process used to pay for lavish renovations at his Downing Street flat.
Why is Dominic Raab facing calls to resign as foreign secretary?
Dominic Raab is facing questions about his future over his handling of the buildup to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, including calls to resign.