Thousands of Kaiser patients may have received less than full dose of Covid vaccine - SFBay
Nearly 4,000 Kaiser patients may have received slightly less than the recommended dose of their Covid-19 vaccination last fall at Kaiser Permanente's Walnut Creek Medical Center, the health care provider said Monday.
Inmates sue jail over ivermectin treatment for Covid as 'medical experimentation'
Four inmates at an Arkansas jail have filed a lawsuit against the facility and its doctor after they said they were unknowingly prescribed ivermectin to treat Covid-19 as a form of "medical experimentation" despite US health officials warning that the anti-parasitic drug should not be used for that purpose.
On Australia's deadliest day of Covid pandemic, experts say we don't know enough about who is dying
Today is the deadliest day in Australia's Covid pandemic. So far this year, about 30 Australians a day are dying with Covid.
Analysis | What Will it Take to Vaccinate the World?
This is one of a series of interviews by Bloomberg Opinion columnists on how to solve the world's most pressing policy challenges. It has been edited for length and clarity.
Pfizer and Moderna expect seasonal booster shots after omicron wave
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Kaiser gave Walnut Creek 3,900 patients low COVID-19 vaccine doses
Kaiser Permanente has notified 3,900 patients vaccinated with at its Walnut Creek Medical Center last fall they may have received less than a full dose of the Pfizer shot.
News analysis: Variants force the C.D.C. to make decisions with scant data.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was long revered for its methodical and meticulous scientific approach.
Amid low COVID vaccine rates, more California children hospitalized in omicron surge
COVID-19 hospitalizations among California's children - especially those too young to go to school - are the highest they have been since the pandemic began.
The Time Is Now for the "Radical Revolution of Values" That MLK Called For
In the early weeks of the pandemic, novelist and activist Arundhati Roy brilliantly laid out the stakes of one of the coronavirus's reverberating impacts.
The coronavirus isn't a flu yet
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