6 Mistakes Every Python Beginner Should Avoid While Coding
Photo by Monstera from Pexels Python is a fairly popular language among beginners as it is very easy to use.
Hubble finds evidence of water vapor on Jupiter's largest moon | Engadget
Scientists have discovered the first evidence of water vapor on Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon.
Are Some Offensive Positions Harder to Draft Than Others? Part 1: Hit Rates and Relative Availability
In the lead-up to this year's draft, I wrote a series of articles on drafting Quarterbacks ( Good Teams' QBs, Bad Teams' QBs, Super Bowl Winners, QB Sweet Spot, Is first QB best, Trading up for QBs) and one on drafting Wide Receivers.
Data to Model to API: An End-to-End Approach
ML/DL API/Model Serving Architecture (Image By Author) In this blog, we are not going to discuss the mighty Optimus Prime but we are going to go through th entire journey of a machine learning-based use case.
Trade Secrets Pre Patenting
by Dennis Crouch
Although trade secrets are independently important, they are play a key temporal role in the patenting process.
8 Simple Methods That Make Good Designers "Great"
I assume you have started designing in this article. So I'm not going to say classic words like; do practice (you absolutely have to).
Simone Biles, the greatest gymnast alive, could be the next marketing G.O.A.T. too
There's a reason for the rhinestone goat outlined on Simone Biles' leotard.
At 24, Biles has redefined what's possible in gymnastics by performing complex skills few in the world can match.
Across the U.S., Traditional Sake Gets a Craft Spin | Wine Enthusiast
Saké is known as distinctly Japanese, but American-made saké has existed since the 19th century.
'AISITAs' and Written Description Requirements: Considerations and Guidance for AI Patent Applications
"As AI becomes more prevalent in research and development, and as AI systems become more autonomous, some commentators believe that the POSITA for an AI-related invention should instead be an "artificial intelligence skilled in the art" (AISITA)."
Red planet has a big core, complex crust
We've learned a lot about our planet's interior simply by tracking how the seismic energy released by earthquakes moves through or reflects off the different layers present beneath Earth's surface.